What We Do

Planners link knowledge and action in ways that improve public and private development decisions which affect people, places and the environment.

The Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) is a professional regulated organization under the provisions of the Professional and Occupational Associations Registration Act of Alberta, responsible for certifying members to achieve "Right to Title" and thereby are legally entitled to use the Registered Professional Planner – RPP designation.

APPI works to support its members so its professional planners can

  • Support civic leaders, business interests and citizens to envision new possibilities and consider the short and long term consequences of decisions facing the community
  • Lead in the development of innovations in regulation, programs and policy
  • Anticipate change to help communities synthesize and meet the challenges of growth and development
  • Design communities that create better choices for where and how people live and work
  • Strike a balance between public and private, individual and community interests