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B&A Planning Group

Pre-development feasibility studies, public consultation and communication, municipal land use policy, urban design, industrial and retail commercial site planning, municipal approvals processing and expert testimony on planning matters.

Calgary, Alberta
Greg Brown  RPP, MCIP

Ron Wrigley  RPP, MCIP
Paul Mercer  RPP, MCIP
Ken Venner  RPP, MCIP
Vern Hart  RPP, MCIP
Kathy Oberg  RPP, MCIP
Jeanie Gartly  RPP, MCIP
Nathan Petherick  RPP, MCIP
Daria McDonald  RPP, MCIP
Pamela MacInnis  RPP, MCIP
Jonathan Schmidt  RPP, MCIP
Daniel MacGregor
Jack Moddle
Lisa Tipman
Chris Andrew
Nancy Sanborn
Kimberly Lemmon

Edmonton, Alberta
Brian Murray  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
Penn West Plaza – West Tower
600-215 9 Avenue SW
T2P 1K3

Phone:(403) 269-4733


Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: (780) 938-3837

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Carswell Planning

With 25 years collective experience, we provide: increased returns on investment, reduced risk & increased likelihood of success of your planning application or permit. Carswell Planning is the right choice for: pre-development feasibility studies, taking an application forward, brokering of studies, public consultation and presentation to Committee and Council.  Celebrate your success with Carswell Planning at your side.

Calgary, Alberta

Bart Carswell  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
223-104  1240 Kensington RD NW
T2N 3P7
Phone: (587) 437-6750

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CivicWorks Planning + Design

Full-service planning and design firm collaborating with private and public sector clients.  Specialized technical expertise and advisory services in land development project planning, design, and management.

Calgary, Alberta

Kristi Beunder  RPP, MCIP
David White  RPP, MCIP
Brady Rokosh
Jocelyn Appleby
Ben Bailey

Calgary, Alberta
460-5119 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, Alberta

T2V 1H2
Phone: (403) 201-5305

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DIALOG is a multidisciplinary firm that is passionate about design and holds a strong belief that design can, andshould, meaningfully improve the well-being of communities. DIALOG's team has been consciously created as a cross disciplinary collaborative to address the important, and increasingly complex challenges facing community and believe that this is best addressed through the inclusion of diverse perspectives and expertise. As city-builders, our expertise includes public and stakeholder engagement, placemaking, park and open space design, new community design, and streetscape design.

DIALOG's team includes planners, urban planners, and landscape architects, as well as architects, engineers and interior designers. We practice across Canada and beyond from studios in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto.

Edmonton, Alberta
Chelsea Whitty
Belinda Morale Smith

Toronto, Ontario
Antonio Gomez-Palacio RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta
100 - 10237 104 Street
T5J 1B1
Phone: (780) 429-1580

Toronto, Ontario
1100 - 2 Bloor Street E
M4W 1A8

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Dillon Consulting Limited

Land use planning, development and management, subdivision planning, environmental planning, course design and instruction, aboriginal community planning, community consultation and transportation planning.

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Margaret Kralt RPP, MCIP
Ann Peters RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
Pat Maloney  RPP, FCIP
Susanne Glenn-Rigny  RPP, MCIP
Dan Odin  RPP, MCIP
Daniel Hoang
Ryan Siersma

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
303 - 4920  47 Street

X1A 2P1
Phone: (867) 920-4555

Calgary, Alberta

200 - 334  11 Avenue SE
T2G 0Y2
Phone: (403) 215-8880

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Green Space Alliance (GSA)

GSA provides planning and design services to a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout Alberta, Canada, Asia and the Middle-east. Our Edmonton office offers a wide range of services including land use planning, policy planning, urban design, site design, master planning and community consultation. Our local team specializes in all aspects of planning approvals including subdivision applications, development permits, Area Structure Plan approvals and Rezoning applications.

Edmonton, Alberta

Dnyanesh Deshpande  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta
2401-10104 103 Avenue
T5J 0H8
Phone: 780-409-1763 (w) 
780-710-0035 (c)

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Intelligent Futures

Intelligent Futures is a firm committed to creating lasting sustainability solutions that have strategic value within our client’s culture. Specializing in sustainability planning, community engagement, strategic planning and sustainability training, Intelligent Futures is connected to a broad network of sustainability professionals from across Canada and around the world.

Calgary, Alberta

John Lewis  RPP, MCIP
Jeffrey Robson  RPP, MCIP
Rachelle Dillon
Cassandra Caiger

Calgary, Alberta

1221B Kensington Road NW
T2N 3P3
Phone: (403) 668-7871

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IBI Group

IBI Group is a globally integrated Planning, Architecture, Engineering and Technology Firm. From high-rises to industrial buildings, schools to state-of-the-art hospitals, transit stations to highways, airports to toll systems, bike lanes to parks, small infill sites to complex master planned communities, from inception through approvals and implementation, we design every aspect of a truly integrated city for people to live, work and play.

Our collaborative and combined approach focuses not only on creating the best solutions today, but also creating the right solutions for tomorrow.  We believe cities must be designed with intelligent systems, sustainable buildings, efficient infrastructure and a human touch.  At IBI Group, we are defining the cities of tomorrow. Please visit www.ibigroup.com

Calgary, Alberta
Benjamin Lee  RPP, MCIP
Sam Alatorre  RPP, MCIP
Curesha Moodley  RPP, MCIP
Garrett Newman  RPP, MCIP
David Sol
Amanda Polini

Edmonton, Alberta
Cathryn Chopko Beck  RPP, MCIP
Blaydon Dibben  RPP, MCIP
Mark Michniak  RPP, MCIP
Aminu Bello  RPP, MCIP

Fort McMurray, Alberta
Tariq Mendis

Calgary, Alberta
500 - 611 Meredith Road NE
T2E 2W5
Phone: (403) 270-5600

Edmonton, Alberta
300 - 10830 Jasper Avenue
T5J 2B3
Phone: (780) 428-4000

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ISL Engineering & Land Services

Regional planning, urban and rural community planning, growth management studies, municipal statutory plans and policy development, area structure plans, land use bylaws, large and small land development infill projects, development feasibility studies, subdivision design, sustainable design including LEED projects, transit oriented developments and urban villages, municipal advisory services including annexations and off-site levies, transportation planning and impact assessments, water and wastewater infrastructure, landscape architecture, environmental planning, site rezoning and development, municipal census, cultural, recreation and open space master plans, public consultation processes and communication plans.

Edmonton, Alberta
Constance Gourley  RPP, MCIP
David Schoor  RPP, MCIP
Darren Young  RPP, MCIP
Shawn Bravender  RPP, MCIP
Shauna Kuiper

Calgary, Alberta
Susan Paton  RPP, MCIP
Brian Conger  RPP, MCIP
Courtney Laurence

Grande Prairie, Alberta
David McRae  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta
100 - 7909  51 Avenue NW
T6E 5L9
Phone: (780) 438-9000

Calgary, Alberta
1 - 6325  12 Street SE
T2H 2K1
Phone: (403) 254-0544

Grande Prairie, Alberta
202 - 10537 98 Avenue
T8V 4L1
Phone: (780) 532-4002

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JT Consulting

Jason Tran Consulting (JT) is a professional land use planning and design consultant specializing in viable planning and design, rural and urban planning. JT was established in spring of 2014 and in Edmonton, Alberta. Our new, small but dedicated firm provides consulting services for rural, urban clients in both the public and private sectors throughout mainly west central of Alberta.

Edmonton, Alberta

Jason T. Tran  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta

2424 Casselman Crescent SW
T6W 0W2
Phone: (780) 360-9900

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Kellam Berg Engineering and Surveys Ltd

Specializing in zoning, subdivision, commercial, residential and industrial development.

Calgary, Alberta
Ron Kellam  RPP, MCIP
Kate Beatson  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
5800 1A Street SW

T2H 0G1
Phone: (403) 640-0990

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Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency

Full range of land use planning services: municipal development plans, inter-municipal development plans, land use bylaws, bylaw preparation, area structure plans, municipal advisory services, subdivision administration, subdivision design, GIS mapping services.

Berwyn, Alberta

Elise Willison  RPP, MCIP
Alisha Mody  RPP, MCIP
Philip Rough
Havan Surat
Jorden Olmstead

Berwyn, Alberta

5109 – 51 Street
Box 450
T0H 0E0
Phone: (780) 338-3862

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McElhanney Consulting

McElhanney’s fully interdisciplinary team specializes in innovative municipal planning and small to medium-scale land developments. We have worked extensively with controversial public engagement projects, providing a community-first approach to sensitive planning matters. Our planners have a wealth of planning experience in rural and small-to-medium sized urban municipalities. Our team will deliver excellent plans and public engagement for any type of project, including: area structure plans, municipal development plans, subdivision applications and land developments.

Calgary Alberta

Lauren Bartlette  RPP, MCIP
Stephanie Gagnon  RPP, MCIP
Jenny Wong  RPP, MCIP
Melissa Ayers  RPP, MCIP
Claire Maytom
Evan Goldstrom

Calgary, Alberta
500-999 8 Street SW
T2R 1J5
Phone: (403) 262-5042

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O2 Planning + Design Inc.

Environmental planning, regional landscape planning and land use planning, parks and protected areas planning, town planning, public and stakeholder engagement, development approvals, alternative scenarios, impact modeling, GIS, remote sensing, visualization, growth management strategies, downtown planning and revitalization, zoning bylaws, urban regeneration, infill, statutory planning and policy development, heritage planning, urban design and landscape architecture.

Calgary, Alberta
Andrew Palmiere  RPP, MCIP
Brian Horton  RPP, MCIP
Chris Hardwicke  RPP, MCIP
Samantha Huchulak RPP, MCIP
Kerry Thompson

Calgary, Alberta

510 - 255 17 Avenue SW

T2S 2T8
Phone: (403) 228-1336

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ParioPlan Incorporated (formerly Armin A. Preiksaitis & Associates Ltd.)

Community and regional planning, sustainability planning and design, rural planning, real estate development, municipal approvals, urban design and site planning, urban revitalization, large scale infill and TOD project planning, housing studies, economic development, expert testimony, First Nation community plans, and public consultation.

Edmonton, Alberta
Armin Preiksaitis  RPP, FCIP
Marcelo Figueira  RPP, MCIP
Dana Bao  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta

605 - 10080 Jasper Avenue
T5J 1V9
Phone:(780) 423-6824

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Planning Protocol 2 Inc.

Urban and Rural Community Planning Growth Studies, Annexation Process, Landuse Bylaw Review Process, Municipal Planning Consultant, Area Structure Plans, Concept Plans, Bylaw Amendment, Rezoning, Subdivision, Development Permits, Land Expropriation Appeal, Professional/Expert Planning Witness, Site Analysis and Site Planning, Development Feasibility Studies, Sustainability Plans, Public Consultations, Project Management/Design Build/Project Consulting and Real Estate Development, etc.

Calgary, Alberta

Rodney Potrie  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta

4046 96 Avenue SE
T2c 4R5
Phone: (403) 230-5522

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Situate is a boutique planning firm serving enterprising municipalities, community-minded developers and forward-thinking nonprofits. We focus on intergrated communications that combine effective policy and regulation, human-centred community engagement, and cohesive branding and public relations. We partner with you to create local solutions rooted in context, opportunity and tangible outcomes: your plans and projects need never collect dust again.

Edmonton, Alberta

Chelsey Jersak  RPP, MCIP

Phone: (780) 974-4956

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Scheffer Andrew Ltd.

Scheffer Andrew Ltd., is a multi-disciplinary firm capable of performing a wide range of planning and engineering services. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of planners, engineers, technologists, and field staff, some with over 30 years experience. Our corporation is a contributing member of the Alberta Low Impact Development Partnership (ALIDP) and we have staff who are LEED certified. Our planning group prepares statutory plans, land use bylaws, plan amendments, subdivision designs, development permit applications, and infill projects. We offer inter-municipal planning, municipal advisory services, transportation planning, development feasibility reports, expert testimony, public consultation, planning education, and sustainable and mixed use design. Engineering services include storm water management plans, utility servicing plans, infrastructure and transportation design, grading plans, topographical surveys, an project/construction management. Visit us at www.schefferandrew.com

Edmonton, Alberta
Aime Stewart  RPP, MCIP
Michael Gourley  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta

12204  145 Street
T5L 2V7
Phone: (780) 732-7800

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Select Engineering Consultants Ltd.

Guided by Senior Planners drawing on decades of experience in northern Alberta, Select’s planning team has grown based on the philosophy of consistent delivery of timely and cost effective solutions for our client’s complex and important projects – large and small. We combine our knowledge of planning best practises and extensive project experience with our recognized in-house engineering expertise to  exceed our clients expectations with respect to project delivery, design innovation, implementation of designs that are not "typical standards" and staying "one step" ahead of our client's needs.  Over the years, we have developed specialized knowledge in the field of land development.

We regularly assemble and lead multi-disciplinary consulting teams to meet the needs of specific projects and for all projects we provide effective project management services.  Some of the planning services we regularly provide include: Master Planned Communities and Urban Village Concepts | Feasibility Analysis | Area Structure and Outline Plans | Neighbourhood Structure Plans | Subdivision Layout Design and Zoning Applications | Development of Direct Control District Guidelines | Sustainability Guidelines | Development Application Approvals | Public Consultation and Information Meetings | Preparation of Marketing Materials.

Edmonton, Alberta

Brenda Peters  RPP, MCIP
Mark Puczko  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta
100-17413 107 Avenue
T5S 1E5
Phone: (780) 651-5777

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Stantec Consulting

Land use planning, zoning, subdivision and environmental design, development feasibility studies, strategic planning municipal statutory plans and policy development, community development planning, urban design, transportation planning and impact analysis, water and wastewater infrastructure, development appeals, public involvement processes, communication plans, media relations, expert testimony, environmental socio-economic impact assessments, street-scaping and parks and recreation planning.

Edmonton, Alberta
John Steil  RPP, FCIP
Simon O’Byrne  RPP, MCIP
Bonnie McInnis  RPP, MCIP
Om Joshi  RPP, MCIP
Nancy MacDonald  RPP, MCIP
Scott Cole  RPP, MCIP
Mark Lawrence  RPP, MCIP
Tom Young  RPP, MCIP
Yolanda Lew  RPP, MCIP
Sylvia Summers  RPP, MCIP
Jacob Edenloff  RPP, MCIP
Matthew Gratton  RPP, MCIP
Ken R. Johnson  RPP, MCIP
Keith Davies

Calgary, Alberta
Truper McBride  RPP, MCIP
Claire Woodside  RPP, MCIP
Sean MacLean  RPP, MCIP
Jared Kassel  RPP, MCIP
Tara Steell  RPP, MCIP
Fraser McLeod
David Symes

Red Deer, Alberta
Gordon Lau  RPP, MCIP
Amanda Haeusler  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta

10160 112 Street

T5K 2L6 
Phone: (780) 917-7000

Calgary, Alberta
200 - 325  25 Street SE
T2A 7H8
Phone: (403) 716-8000

Calgary, Alberta
300 - 805  8 Avenue SW
Phone: (403) 441-5138

Red Deer, Alberta
1100 - 4900 50 Street
T4N 1X7
Phone: (403) 341-3320

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SvN Architects + Planners

We provide award-winning planning and design services to a wide range of public and private sector clients throughout Alberta, Canada and in over 40 countries around the world. We help clients and communities of all sizes realize development forms that are functional and affordable, but also beautiful, environmentally responsible and socially inclusive. planningAlliance offers a comprehensive range of services including: regional, community, neighbourhood and site scale planning: urban, architectural, landscape and infrastructure design: collaborative participation processes: social and economic impact assessments: construction management: and visualization and GIS support.

Toronto, Ontario

John van Nostrand  RPP, FCIP

110 Adelaide Street East, 4th floor
M5C 1K9
Phone: (416) 593-6499

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Urban Systems Ltd

Land use and statutory planning, conceptual design, subdivision design and approvals, downtown revitalization, urban and rural  development, growth management strategies, resort development, feasibility studies, integrated land use, infrastructure and finance strategies and off-site levies, natural resource planning, and project visualization.

Calgary, Alberta
Roberto Binda  RPP, MCIP
Jane Power  RPP, MCIP
Leighton Ginther  RPP, MCIP
Lauren Bartlette  RPP, MCIP
Erin Welk  RPP, MCIP
Mike Coldwell
Brier Reid

Kris Nelson
Sarah Nielson
Ori Abara

Edmonton, Alberta
Chris Ulmer  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
100 - 2886 Sunridge Way NE

T1Y 7H9

Phone: (403) 291-1193

Edmonton, Alberta 
200 - 10345 105 Avenue
T5J 1E8
Phone: (780) 430-4041

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West Central Planning Agency

West Central Planning Agency is a planning agency with professional planners that are members of the Alberta Professional Planning Institute and Canadian Institute of Planners. WCPA was established in 1995 and works with clients and interested parties to achieve fair and effective solutions to land use planning projects. WCPA can prepare land use bylaws, plan amendments, statutory plans, rezoning and design services along with day to day planning advice. Our planners make every effort to reach client’s goals and provide the necessary planning services to achieve a project which is appropriate in a physical, social and economic sense.

Note: WCPA cannot take on private projects within the areas that fall within WCPA’s jurisdiction as this would be a conflict of interest.

Wetaskiwin, Alberta
Jason Tran  RPP, MCIP

101 -  5111 50 Avenue
T9A 0S5
Phone: (780) 352-2215

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WSP Canada Inc

Our Planning Team consists of experts with unique insight into a wide spectrum of development needs, policies and regulations. Our public and private sector clients benefit from custom development solutions that balance their needs with those of the community and the environment. WSP Planning’s expertise includes: site selection analysis, site design, demographic analysis, stakeholder and community consultation, urban design, sustainability planning, master planning, active transportation and graphical rendering services. Our clients include the private and public sector.

Edmonton, Alberta

Chuck McNutt  RPP, MCIP
Bhagyashree Shinde  RPP, MCIP
Scott Mackie  RPP, MCIP

Calgary, Alberta
Benjamin Petch  RPP, MCIP
Mark Stout  RPP, MCIP

Edmonton, Alberta
1200 - 10909 Jasper Avenue
T5J 3L9
Phone:(780) 423-8252

Calgary, Alberta
220-48 Quarry Park Blvd SE
T2C 5P2
Phone: (403) 269-7440 ext 4525