Welcome to the Alberta Professional Planners Institute

We are the face of the planning profession within Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. We serve the public interest by providing regulation, advocacy, promotion and services for our members.

APPI's Values

  • We value ethical practice.

  • We value diversity.

  • We value resilient communitiues and wellbeing of their residents.

  • We value the public interest and believe in public participation in planning.

  • We value a fair and democratic process.

  • We value environmental integrity and social and economic sustainability for the wellbeing of future generations.

  • We value continuous learning of members for the benefit of communities and the profession.


APPI Reaches Milestone of 1000 Members

APPI now has 1000+ members!  As a self-regulated profession committed to the public interest, APPI’s thriving and growing membership raises the profile of planning and benefits APPI members and the communities in which we all work and live.


APPI – “A community of excellence supporting excellent communities.”

What's New!

APPI Professional Planners move closer to pay equity

Alberta is known for having one of the nation’s biggest wage gaps between women and men.  In 2015, the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (APPI) conducted our first independent compensation survey.  The survey revealed a mean annual wage gap between male and female planners of $13,690.  As an organization that values ethical practice, integrity and fair process, this gap initially came as a shock. APPI Council strategically decided to conduct the compensation survey bi-annually to measure changes and report back to the membership.  From the  2017 APPI Compensation Report, we can see that progress toward wage parity has been made in the past two years. Click here to view the 2015 and 2017 survey reports.