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APPI Registration Committee Meeting

The next Registration Committee Meeting will is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, June 8, 2017.  Please submit your logbook to the APPI Office, with the signed cover form and CIP Sponsor signed form by June 1, 2017. You must login to access the logbook, and the forms.

Candidate Members of APPI Accepted on or before August 31, 2012 are required to submit their logbooks directly to the APPI office.

APPI 2017 Member Fees and Renewal Information (2017 rates are shown)

The 2017 APPI/CIP Member Fees Renewal invoices will be issued via email to all members on or before December 9, 2016. A physical hard copy of the invoice will not be mailed unless specifically requested from the APPI office. Member fees are payable by January 3, 2017 and may be paid by one of the following methods:

1. Online by logging into the APPI web site, then go to the Member Information/Renew Your APPI Membership. If you are already logged in, click here to go to the payment page.

2. Email your invoice with credit card payment information to the APPI office at

3. Fax your invoice with credit card payment information to the APPI office at 780-452-7718.

4. Mail a cheque to the APPI office: PO Box 3099, Sherwood Park AB, T8H 2T1 New PO BOX address!

Receipts will be issued via email to all members. 

Membership Type APPI APPI GST CIP w/GST CIP Insurance Total
Registered RPP $298.60 $14.93 $200.47 $51.00 $565.00
Candidate $298.60 $14.93 $200.47 $51.00 $565.00
RPP Non Practicing $66.45 $3.32 $78.03 na $148.00
RPP Non Resident $300.00 $15.00 na na $315.00
Candidate Non Practicing $66.45 $3.32 $78.03 na $148.00
Retired (formerly Non Practicing) $66.45 $3.32 $78.03 na $148.00
Candidate Non Resident $300.00 $15.00 na na $315.00
Student $52.26 $2.61 $23.13 na $ 78.00
Subscribers/PreCandidate $298.60 $14.93 $200.47 na $514.00

Membership Applications - GST not applicable

Candidate No Application Fee - Assessment fees are paid directly to the Professional Standards Board

Re-Activation Fee - $275.00 plus applicable back dues and late penalities (application restricted to two years)

Examinations - GST not applicable. Only for those Candidates who were admitted prior to September 1, 2012.

Oral Exam - $400.00

Written Exam - $350.00

Special Exam - $200.00

Professional Practitioner Course & Exam - $625.00 

APPI Surveys

The APPI Compensation and Benefits Survey Final Report is now available. Click here for the Report

The APPI Member Survey Report is now available. Click here for the Report

Geographical Representation of the APPI's Regulated Members  

APPI Council 2016-2017 Meeting Schedule

The new APPI Council held their annual retreat on May 27 - 29, 2016 to more clearly define the work to be undertaken by APPI over the Council term. This Council has an ongoing commitment to support the development of professional competency and assisting the membership in meeting mandatory requirements for the reporting of continuous professional development. This Council will be hosting meetings in a number of locations within the affiliate area over the course of the term.

October 1, 2016 at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
November 18, 2016 Teleconference Call  tentative
January 20, 2017 at the University of Calgary
March 9, 2017 at Fort McMurray
April 27, 2017 in Calgary
May 26 - 28, 2017 at Pigeon Lake

APPI History

Click here for the document