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APPI Professional Practitioner Course and Written Exam for Candidate Members

Register using the online system: click here. The fee is $625.00, no GST and the Course Notes, Confirmation Letter with PreCourse Assignment and the Course Reading Booklet will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment.

There is a Pre-course Assignment outlined in the confirmation letter and  must be received by the course manager no later than October 16, 2017 by email to Harry Harker [email protected]
Email a short bio of your planning experience that summarizes your relevant training and experience as a practicing planner (max 200 words) to Harry Harker [email protected] once you have registered online.

This course is for those Candidates(Provisional) members who were accepted as Candidates prior to August 31, 2012 and going through the APPI process to become an RPP. (New Candidates who applied via the PSB and PLAR are not eligible to attend this course).

This is a course for planning practitioners and offers experienced professionals, who are seeking RPP with the Alberta Professional Planners Institute, the opportunity to complete the written exam requirements in a collaborative setting over one weekend. The written exam is one of the requirements for membership for all Candidate members without a planning degree from a recognized program. A minimum of 4 years planning experience is required to enroll in this course. 


If you have any questions you may email the APPI office at [email protected].


  1. Do I have to have my logbooks completed? No, you may take the workshop and sit the written exam prior to fulfilling your required number of months of responsible, professional planning experience and prior to submitting your logbook to the APPI Registration Committee for validation.
  2. Is this a substitute exam? This is not a substitute for the written exam requirement. The course is an alternate format in a group setting. During the course, participants will provide answers to the questions on the written exam will be graded by examiners and given a final grade before the course concludes on Sunday afternoon. 
  3. What preparation work is required prior to the weekend course? There will be a pre-course assignment, pre-reading and course notes mailed to your upon registration: Course Notes – schedule, overview and assignment: Course Readings booklet: and An Introduction by Course Facilitators. 
  4. What do I need to bring? The assignments for the course must be submitted in written form, therefore it is recommended that participants bring a lap top computer. Printers and paper will be available.
  5. What is the next step after the course? Candidates who receive a passing grade on the exam, will be required to submit their logbooks and then pass the Oral examination. 
  6. Will other dates and locations for the course be offered by APPI? The Registration Committee will review the success of the course and determine if another offering is required. The course is limited to 15 participants.  

The purpose of this course is to help each participant prepare to write the 3 part CIP Membership Examination assignment.  The goal is to not only make each participant successful in their pursuit of full membership in the Institute, but to expand their understanding of how planning principles impact the world around us.  Participants should come prepared to be interactive and open to critical examination of how we collectively and individually carry out our professional practice.

The course is designed for practitioners whose formal training is a field other than urban, regional or land use planning.  For participants with some degree of planning training this course will serve to refresh and/or expand your understanding of planning practice, theory and processes.

Candidate Members of APPI Accepted on or before August 31, 2012 – Existing Candidate members of APPI who were accepted on or before August 31, 2012 will proceed through to Registered Professional Planner (RPP) Member status via the process that was in place when their application for Candidate membership was originally accepted. This means logging the appropriate amount of experience by submitting the traditional logbook for validation by the APPI Registration Committee, successfully completing the written examination (for those who do not hold a recognized planning degree) and successfully sitting the oral examination.

The focus of the course is on generic planning knowledge and practice, not on individual experience, disciplinary perspective, or the norms of a specific jurisdiction.   Through the readings and the weekend’s facilitated group discussions the participants will explore the scope of “modern” planning practice, key issues and trends, applicable theories and the processes associated with plan, program and policy formulation and implementation.

The course is facilitated by experienced practicing professionals who will share their perspectives and will assist the participants in their exploration of planning practice, theory and process.

The course covers:
Review of the topics and issues associated with the exam questions; and
Guidelines for preparation of the participants written response to each of the exam questions
Written Exam to be completed and will be marked before participants leave.